What is NEMO?

In a nutshell, NEMO is a lab management software. It is used to create and manage tool/equipment reservations, room capacity, maintenance, and for tracking time for billing purposes. Find more on GitHub

How much does it cost to install it?

NEMO is open-source, so you can install it on your own for free!

However, there are components and integration to existing infrastructure that require more in-depth knowledge.

Contact us now to schedule a free estimate!

Can I install it on my own?

Absolutely! NEMO is open source, so anybody can grab it and install it.

There are however, components that you will need to set up for a production version. At the very least, you will need an a web server, an authentication provider, and a database management system

How do I try it out?

  • A demo version is available on docker hub. It's called NEMO Splash Pad, and comes with a few tools, areas, users, etc.

To try it, install docker on your computer and use the following command:

docker run -p "8000:8000" nanofab/nemo_splash_pad

The Splash Pad will be available at http://localhost:8000

  • If you want more control and testing on a production ready platform, Contact Us and we'll set up an account for you on our dedicated server