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NEMO is a system developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the past several years to initially manage and operate its NanoFab facility. It is now also used in its Neutron Research facility.

"The NEMO web application is laboratory logistics software that strives to be intuitive and easy to use, making life easier in the lab. NEMO manages tool reservations, control access to tools, and streamline logistics and communication. The code is open source and free so that other labs can benefit." - NIST

The application is being actively maintained and has been forked many times by other labs and universities. NEMO is open source and accessible on GitHub at


  • Equipment scheduling

  • Tool control

  • Access control

  • Interlock integration

  • Badge reader integration

  • Resource control (Gases etc.)

Nemo is based on a flexible architecture to facilitate its extensibility and maintainability.

Let us help!

Prometheus Computing

Offers commercial support for the customization, integration, configuration and custom enhancement of NEMO developed at NIST.


Having difficulties installing and configuring NEMO or simply need it to be done by professionals? We are here to help!


We can integrate NEMO with your current infrastructure: whether it's your identity provider, database, interlocks, badges, anything!

Custom Development

Need some new functionalities or a new module for your lab/organization?


Not sure if NEMO is the right fit?

Need advice, architecture design or a transition plan?


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"Whether you are looking to set up a new instance of NEMO for your new lab/organization or replacing your current management software, it is a big and challenging step. Our goal is to make the transition as easy as possible." - Mathieu Rampant, Prometheus NEMO Lead